Our work stems from our mission and our core values.
Equity and inclusion are central to who we are.

Celebrate Differences

Greenhill is a dynamic community of cultures and backgrounds. We seek to build a community that is reflective of our increasingly diverse nation and global world. We are rich in culture, language, countries of origin, religion, race, ability, socioeconomic status, and other core identifiers that add to the strength of our school. We foster an environment that respects and celebrates those who are different from us, while seeking connections through that which makes us similar.
Greenhill is committed to providing its students with multicultural classrooms and curricula, where the cross-pollination of ideas enhance the dialogue and enrich the learning experience. The pursuit of excellence for the Greenhill student includes acquiring the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that will prepare him or her to thrive in a multicultural world.

Know That You Belong

Under the statement of diversity adopted by the Board of Trustees, Greenhill seeks to create an inclusive, equitable, and supportive environment for all its community members. As such, the Office of Equity and Inclusion provides resources, programs, and initiatives that further the goals of the school's diversity strategic plan.
Additionally, the All School Diversity Committee, chaired by the Director of Equity and Inclusion, serves as a forum to discuss current and future matters of equity and justice of the School and community at large. We value the voices, experiences, and perspectives of each individual and encourage meaningful dialogue and cross-cultural exchanges.

Statement on Diversity

Diversity develops thinking that values alternative viewpoints and is sensitive to life experiences, feelings, hopes and the challenges of others. Recognizing and capitalizing on the diversity that exists within our school, our region, our nation and our world enhances the Greenhill community.
Greenhill actively seeks opportunities for interaction and meaningful dialogue to minimize disparities and to foster equality. The School honors its commitment to inclusion through admission policies, hiring practices, professional development and curriculum. The Board, administration, faculty, staff, parents and students are committed to a positive, pluralistic environment where the academic and social well being of all students is affirmed and assured.
Diversity at Greenhill reflects the core principles of honor, respect, and compassion, and values the customs, traditions, and perspectives of people of different gender, race, ethnicity, ability, age, religion, sexual orientation and socioeconomic status. Greenhill supports diversity as the essential component of a quality education that encourages respect and empowerment of the individual and discourages the formation of stereotypes and prejudices. Through our steadfast commitment to diversity, Greenhill broadens the educational experience of all students. Greenhill further believes that our commitment to diversity is an ongoing process, which will continue to strengthen and enhance our school.
Approved by the Board of Trustees in 2005

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