Head of School

Honor, respect and compassion are more than nice ideas;
they’re living, breathing entities that influence every day here at Greenhill.
At Greenhill School, our students are inspired to learn! You see it in the enthusiastic faces of the Preschool and Lower School children as they race to their classrooms each morning, and in the way Middle and Upper School students approach their studies with a genuine desire to know more.
We hold our students to high standards, but our nurturing, dedicated faculty create an environment where students embrace the challenges presented in and out of the classroom. In my mind, no school provides a better balance of program in academics, arts, and athletics. Expectations of excellence in all three areas give students the best and broadest foundation, while allowing them to excel in their strengths.
An inclusive community since its founding, Greenhill celebrates diversity in all its forms and welcomes the curious, inquisitive learner. Our community is a dynamic blend of cultures, backgrounds, and genders. Our teachers integrate social emotional learning and the art of civil discourse into everyday learning, preparing our students to engage actively, and respectfully, in our world.
Greenhill is a unique place, and I say that not only as the Head of School, but also as a parent of a graduate. The honor, respect and compassion instilled in each student, combined with a balanced education, fully prepares them for success throughout their lives.
I invite you to come visit us and discover your inspiration.
Scott A. Griggs
Head of School

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