Greenhill Middle School Students Compete at NJCL Convention

Last week, 22 of our brilliant Middle School students competed at the National Junior Classical League Convention at Emory University in Atlanta, GA. They braved long bus rides, heat, humidity, and long days to bring back our best showing at the national level.

Tomal Khan '28 earned Top Score in the Grammar and Reading Comprehension contests — a first for any Greenhill student. Listed below is an impressive list of all our students' achievements. 
Level 1/2 A
Alice Huang '29 Classical Art Test, first place; Graphic Arts: Ink, second place
Miles Hulme '29 –  Latin Literature, fifth place; Mottoes, ninth place
Harper Spellicy '29 –  Dramatic Interpretation, passage 1, first place; Sight Recitation, Gold Division, eighth place; Impromptu Art, eighth place
Nyle Yousuf '29 Mosaics, second place; Latin Oratory, fourth place; Mottoes, tenth place
Level 1/2 B
Ansh Gandhi '28 – Traditional Photography, first place; Ancient Geography, second place; Computer Enhanced Photograph, third place; Open Certamen – Novice, fourth place; Greek Derivatives, eighth place
Arhaan Iyer '28 –  Dramatic Interpretation, passage 2, second place; Graphic Arts: Acrylic/Oil, fifth place; Traditional Photography, sixth place; Graphic Arts: Black Pencil, seventh place; Impromptu Art, tenth place
Ayaana Joshi '28 Cartoon, first place; Greeting Cards, third place; 100 meter Junior Girls Track, seventh place
Tomal Khan '28 –  Overall Top Score – Grammar, first place;  Overall Top Score – Reading Comprehension, first place;  Grammar, first place; Reading Comprehension, first place; Open Certamen – Novice, first place; Vocabulary, fourth place; Academic Triathlon, fifth place
Connor Kim '28 –  Greek Derivatives, second place; Open Certamen – Novice, third place; 50 yard Freestyle, Junior Boys Swimming, seventh place;  Mottoes, ninth place; Roman Life, ninth place; Computer Enhanced Photography, ninth place; Modern Myth, Lower Division, tenth place; Latin Derivatives, tenth place
Rishi Kumbhani '28 –  Latin Literature, third place; Mottoes, third place; Illustrated Quote, third place; Long Jump, Junior Boys, fifth place; Open Certamen – Novice, fifth place
Arman Makhani '28 – Open Certamen – Novice, first place; Latin Literature, fourth place; Academic Triathlon, seventh place; Roman History, tenth place
Dylan Shah '28 Sight Recitation, Gold Division, second place; Computer Enhanced Photography, tenth place
Evan Tsai '28 Long Jump, Junior Boys, first place; Open Certamen – Novice, first place; Sight Recitation, Purple Division, second place; Latin Oratory, second place; 100 meter Junior Boys Track, fifth place; Latin Literature, ninth place
Renee Tse '28 – Impromptu Art, second place; Graphic Arts: Watercolor, third Place
Lucas Zhu '28 Hellenic History, fourth place 
Level 2
Claire Hood '27 – Impromptu Art, seventh place; Classical Greek, ninth place; Dramatic Interpretation, passage 1, ninth place
Naomi Huang '27Roman Life, ninth place
Lydia Kerridge '27 – Costume, first place; Greek Life and Literature, third place; Mixed Media, sixth place
Rebekah Miranda '27 – Impromptu Art, first place; Graphic Arts: Acrylic/Oil, third place; Graphic Arts: Colored Pencil, third place; Graphic Arts: Black Pencil, fifth place; Classical Art Test, fifth place
Ronni Phillips '27Sight Recitation, Purple Division, third place; Impromptu Art, third place
Izzy Shiloh '27Latin Oratory, third place; 50 yard Backstroke, Junior Girls Swimming, fifth place; 50 yard Freestyle, Junior Girls Swimming, seventh place
Eva Tu '27Graphic Arts: Oil/Acrylic, first place; Graphic Arts: Colored Pencil, second place; Graphic Arts: Mixed Media, second place; Classical Art, third place

Congratulations to all the students on their success!

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