Greenhill Celebrates 68 Years with Founders’ Day Ceremony

On September 11, 2018, Greenhill School celebrated Founders’ Day, also known as our 68th birthday. In an opening assembly that commemorated the School’s traditions, we also welcomed a new chapter in Greenhill history with fifth Head of School Lee J. Hark. Parents and other special guests such as Mayor of Addison Joe Chow, were invited to share in the special day with the entire community.
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Board Chair Bruce Sostek opened the assembly by remarking on the accomplishments of Greenhill’s founder Bernard Fulton. Fulton had visionary goals and strong convictions for what Dallas needed in a co-educational school and he set out to realize that goal. He embodied many of the traits that have become the School’s core values of honor, respect, and compassion. Sostek also acknowledged the 17th anniversary of September 11, 2001. The entire community took a moment of silence to remember this tragedy.
In light of this somber day, Greenhill students always call for peace. Student Council President Megan Olomu ’19 spoke about our role as peacemakers in our world, followed by a community song of “Let There Be Peace on Earth.”
Next came a special introduction of Mr. Hark by Jade Curington ’19 and JT Herrscher ’19. Matching Mr. Hark’s penchant for self-deprecating humor and witty banter, both students spoke about their first impressions of and hopes for their new leader, including the fact that he’s “semi-hip.”

As Mr. Hark came to the podium, the laughs continued. On a serious note, Mr. Hark spoke about how impressed he was by Greenhill from the very beginning and how it spoke to him as a place he knew he wanted to be. “As they say around here, Greenhill is not buildings, it’s people. I’ve never heard anyone say that Greenhill is perfect, but we do know that Greenhill is essential—for this city, and for the times in which we live. As one parent just wrote me last night, while not every day around here is perfect, the total of Greenhill is spectacular. That was true in 1950 and is true today. I am so excited and grateful to be part of this spectacular School’s present and future.”
Assistant Head of School Tom Perryman ’81 continued the assembly by recognizing the four Heads of Schools in Mr. Hark’s wake, and highlighting their multitude of accomplishments. Mr. Hark was then added to this esteemed group of leaders.
Following tradition, two Heart of the Hill (HOH) Groups were named after important figures in the School’s history. Eighth-grader Nate Stitt spoke about Charles Hodge Jones, renowned curricular consultant and Latin/grammar teacher, and senior Carlos Cardenas spoke about Margaret Madden ’62, the first forever club member.
New Greenhill Legends Pam Giraudon (Middle School Spanish), Rebecca Shuman (Asst Head of Upper School) and Steve Warner (Upper School math) were recognized along with faculty leaders Jaye Andrews (Middle School math), Nora Garcia (Lower School Spanish), and Darryn Sandler (Upper School math) were recognized, as well as Penny Nicholson Award Recipient Rachel Estrada.
Happy Birthday Greenhill!

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