Tickets for in-person outdoor screening event

Working: A Musical will be shown live on Wednesday, May 12, at The Stage at Grandscape beginning at 8:00 pm (Doors open at 7:00 pm). In addition to featuring shopping, dining, and real estate, Grandscape has an outdoor stage/concert venue with open air grass seating for special events. Tickets will be $12 per person, and all tickets must be purchased online (no in-person tickets sales or handling of cash).
COVID Guidelines: The venue seats up to 1,800 people (pre-COVID), but the lawn will be marked with red flags for families to sit in pods and socially distance at 6 feet. Masks will be required unless eating or drinking in your pod.
After the screening, there will be a special "Talk Back" where we will invite audience members to come up to the microphone and ask questions to the cast and crew.


If you are unable to make it to the live event for Working: A Musical, you still have the opportunity to view it on Friday, May 14 & Saturday, May 15 by purchasing streaming tickets. Showtime for Friday evening will be 7:00 pm, and 2:00 pm for Saturday afternoon. Tickets will be $8 per device for the stream.
Songs by: Craig Carnelia, Micki Grant, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Mary Rodgers, Susan Birkenhead, Stephen Schwartz, and James Taylor. WORKING - 2012 REVISED VERSION is presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre International (MTI). All authorized performance materials are also supplied by MTI.

Photo Credit: Joe Ellis of JosephMark Photography; Location was January Sound Studio
DIRECTOR'S NOTES  //  Valerie Hauss-Smith
WORKING, A Musical, is based on a 1974 book by American author, actor, and radio broadcaster Studs (Louis) Terkel. His passion for history won him a Pulitzer Prize for his work chronicling the lives of ordinary American people from the Great Depression to the early 21st century. For his book Working: People Talk About What They Do All Day and How They Feel About What They Do, Terkel traveled around the country and interviewed people from all walks of life. In 1978, the musical WORKING premiered on Broadway and showcased the stories of many of his real-life characters through monologues, scenes, and songs. WORKING underwent several revisions in the 1990s and early 2000s, and a new version finally opened in 2012, which features songs by Lin Manuel Miranda, Stephen Schwartz, Craig Carnelia, and James Taylor.
We are so proud of our students and faculty! The pandemic took our production of WORKING into uncharted territory, but our team rose to the challenge of producing and filming this show against all odds. Our concept for this musical was that we would film it in different locations without live singing. However, we had to ensure it would make complete artistic sense. After much thought, we came upon the idea of creating a sort of "peek behind the curtain" documentary film. A film that would invite audiences to witness a musical as it is put together from the early stages of auditions and rehearsal up to performance and everything in between.
Throughout the rehearsal process, acting and technical students worked tirelessly in-person and online to "make it work." Singers spent half-hour sessions in duck masks and face shields with a virtual pianist in Fort Worth, two or three students in person, one musical director in Rose Hall, and the rest of the performers on Zoom. Actors and dancers recorded their choreographies, blocking, and monologues online for feedback. Technical students built a set, learned about vlogging, film lighting, editing, and publicity, scouted additional set locations, and developed the much-needed props. During this flurry of activity, our costume designer took measurements virtually, scheduled socially distanced fittings, and somehow was able to costume everyone! After recording vocals individually in a professional recording studio, we began filming different sequences in early March. Our filming process concluded in mid-April, and then began the lengthy editing process...
We hope you enjoy Greenhill Theaters' production of WORKING, A Musical; it was an EPIC PROJECT! It was a journey in creativity, flexibility, humility, and resilience for all involved.


ABEERA AMER  //  Woman 1, Woman 2, Ensemble
I haven't been active in theatre but I am excited that I got to try it. I've always listened to musicals when I was younger and thought they were interesting. I am very excited to see how we plan to do the musical during this hybrid learning.
DEEYA BACHANI  //  Woman 1, Woman 2, Ensemble
This is Deeya's first year in theater. After watching the amazing musical put on last year, Deeya hoped to be a part of the musical this year. She enjoys being a part of the theater family and can't wait to see the final product! She wants to thank all the amazing teachers and students putting in so much work to make this happen!
JACK BOVARD  //  Conrad Swibel, Lead Man, Man 2, Ensemble
Jack did very little Theater before high school. He was part of an Improv group outside of school through most of elementary school and middle school. Though he hasn't had much experience, Jack is glad to be apart of a production again, and is looking forward to playing his part.
KHUSHI CHHAYA  //  Allen Epstein, Ensemble
This is Khushi's second year doing theatre at Greenhill. She was in Carrie: The Musical last year and is exited to continue participating in productions in the next couple of years. She has really enjoyed working on this musical despite remote learning and COVID-19 difficulties. She would like to thank everyone who made this unconventional show possible!
MOLLY CLEARY  //  Ensemble Soloist, Delivery Backup Singer, Ensemble
Molly is so excited to be performing in Working the Musical this year! She loves theater and has enjoyed roles both on and off the stage. Her favorites include Carrie: The Musical, Romeo and Juliet, Les Miserables: SE, and many more! Molly would like to thank her friends and family for their love and support. She's also especially grateful for all the students and creative staff at Greenhill who have given her an opportunity to perform during this pandemic.
MAYA DESAI  //  Announcer, Man 1, Ensemble
This is Maya's first year doing theater. She was in Race, Fire, Children, and Wives in the fall and is looking forward to continuing theater over the next few years. She has enjoyed working on this and is excited for everyone to see the finished product. She would like to thank everyone who has helped to make this production work safely.
MOLLY FAGELMAN  //  Ralph Werner, Ensemble
Molly is a junior and this is her third Greenhill theater production. She also loved performing in The Drowsy Chaperone and Carrie: The Musical. Outside of musical, Molly enjoys playing field hockey and spending time with her family and friends. She is so excited for Working, and would like to thank the cast, crew and directors for all they do.
ILANNA FELDMAN  //  Housewife, Cleaning Women Backup Singer, Ensemble
Ilanna Feldman has been doing musical theater for as long as she can remember and is very excited to take part in this year's production. Some of her favorite past roles include Annie in Annie, Miss Gardner in Carrie, and Narrator in Children of Eden. Ilanna would like to thank all of the Greenhill Fine Arts Department for making this production possible through these unprecedented times. She would also like to thank the whole cast and crew for making musical rehearsals the best part of her day.
JOSH FLOWERS  //  Freddy, Ensemble Soloist
This is Josh's fifth and final production with Greenhill's theatre department. He's loved getting to know so many amazing people and work on lots of incredible projects the past four years. Josh vehemently enjoyed playing Aldolpho his sophomore year in The Drowsy Chaperone and loved taking on the role of Mr. Stevens in last year's production of Carrie: The Musical. While this was not how Josh imagined his last show at Greenhill, he's extremely grateful for the opportunity to perform with his best friends just one more time, no matter the circumstances!
ERICA FULBRIGHT  //  Mike Dillard, Woman 3, Ensemble
Erica is excited to perform in Working the Musical this year as Mike Dillard. This is her second year in Greenhill theater and her first time being in a filmed musical. Erica has been in may productions, including Romeo & Juliet, Annie Jr, along with Race, Fire, Children, and Wives: True Stories of Exonerations. Her favorite production do far has been Greenhill's Carrie: The Musical. When she isn't on stage, Erica enjoys to draw, sing, listen to music, and embroider. She would like to give a big thanks to her parents for their support, her directors for their guidance, and her cast and crew for being with her on this journey.
QUINN GRAVES  //  Joe, Man 2, Ensemble
My theater experience mainly is through improv. Being able to be comedic on stage is one of my passions and I always want to better myself in that regard. I haven't done any large productions, but have seen a lot of plays and musicals. Overall, I greatly enjoy the theater.
PRISHA GUPTA  //  Theresa Liu, Woman 1, Ensemble
Prisha is currently a junior and has been involved in theatre at Greenhill ever since she was a freshman. Her past shows have been The Drowsy Chaperone, Romeo & Juliet, Carrie, and Race, Fire, Children, & Wives. Outside of theatre, she is involved with the Greenhill Singers and the Creative Writers' Club at Greenhill. Prisha would like to thank her family for supporting her in her creative endeavors and not complaining once, and the faculty for giving the cast and crew such wonderful opportunities to keep theatre going this year. ​
BEN HARK  //  Technical Crew
Ben had tons of fun while working on last year's musical, Carrie: The Musical, and he was ready to jump back into tech theater immediately. Theater has become a newfound passion for him, and he is excited to show everyone what he and the rest of the amazing crew have been working on.
ZOYA IYER  //  Stage Manager, Woman 2, Ensemble
Zoya Iyer has never done theater before. She is excited to see all the hard work the cast has put in as one finished products. As someone who has only ever seen productions, she is excited that she get's to experience the behind the scenes work behind a production. She is also excited to record in a professional studio, she thinks it will be a good experience.
SANJNA KALISETTY  //  Maggie Holmes, Delivery Backup Singer, Ensemble
Sanjna Kalisetty is extremely passionate about theatre, and she is super excited to be a part of her first musical at Greenhill! Her favorite past roles include Cinderella's Stepmother, Ida, and Rafiki. She would like to thank the amazing faculty, cast members, and technicians that worked so hard to keep everyone safe while putting together this great show. She hopes you have a good time and enjoy the piece they have created!
SAMI KHAN  //  Frank Decker, Tom Patrick, Ensemble Soloist
This is Sami Khan's fourth year in the musical and he is excited about performing once again. His favorite production was Carrie: The Musical, and he loved having the chance to train on a flight system, soaring ten feet over the stage live in a show! He would like to thank his family, friends, teachers, and tech crew for supporting his journey in Greenhill's theater department.
MEGAN LIU  //  Roberta Victor, Ensemble
Megan Liu is a sophomore at Greenhill and has been doing variations of theatre for five years now. This is her second year at Greenhill and fourth production with the program. Megan's all-time favorite role was playing Wanda Bun in Once Upon a Playground. She would like to give a special thanks to Greenhill Theatre Staff, cast mates, crew, her family, Sophia Zhang, Jack Eaton, and Mrs. Petropoulos for sparking her love for theatre.
LUCAS LOPEZ  //  Singer, Man 3, Ensemble Soloist
Lucas has done only a few shows in his past. His favorites were his roles in Aladdin Jr. as the Genie in Middle School and his role in the last Greenhill play as an FBI agent. While the two roles were vastly different, he enjoyed both of them. He wants to thank the staff at the school for their efforts to keep everything safe from Covid and still giving the opportunity to have a production.
AVA MARKHOVSKY  //  Delores, Show & Music Captain, Ensemble Soloist
This is Ava’s ninth and final main stage show at Greenhill. She also has been involved with Greenhill Dance Company, Greenhill Theatre Company, Student Productions, and is the President of Greenhill Singers. Beyond school productions, Ava has been part of productions at Junior Players and Dallas Young Artists. Favorite roles include Allison in Cry-Baby, the Nurse in Romeo and Juliet, Sideway in Our Country’s Good, and Sam in The Wild Party. Ava hopes to study theatre as one of her majors in college next year. She cannot believe this is her last Greenhill production, and would like to thank her family, the Greenhill performing arts department, and more than anything, the wonderful, life-changing friends she has made in Greenhill theatre over the years.
BLAKE MARTIN  //  Eddie Jaffe
Blake has done several productions with Greenhill and he is very excited to be a part of this musical. Although he didn’t have time in his schedule to be a part of rehearsal this semester, he still decided to be a part of the production. He can’t wait to show y’all what he has been working on!
WILL MCDONALD  //  Rex Winship, Anthony Coehlo, Show Captain, Ensemble
Will McDonald is a junior at Greenhill School, and has been doing theatre and film since he arrived as a freshman. His favorite roles include Christopher in The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time and Romeo in Greenhill's production of Romeo and Juliet. He's grateful for the cast, crew, and directors for a great experience.
VIRAJA METTA  //  Raj Chadha, Ensemble
Viraja is a sophomore and has been a part of theatre since seventh grade. She has performed in Annie Jr and has been singing her whole life. This is her first big production at Greenhill and she has throughly enjoyed the journey! She would like to thank the directors and fellow cast-mates for making this experience so memorable. She would also like to thank her family, friends, voice lessons teacher, and Ms. Woolley for their endless love and support.
SAMANTHA NORTON  //  Candy Cottingham, Man 1, Ensemble
Samantha can’t believe that this is her final Greenhill theater production. She has been involved in Greenhill theater since freshman year, and is excited to end her senior year by playing the part of Candy Cottingham in this production. Some of her favorite roles include Mary Brenham in Our Country’s Good and Ariel’s sister in The Little Mermaid. She would like to thank VHS and Mr. P for pushing her to become a better actress, and her family for all of their love and support.
JULIA O'GORMAN  //  Technical Staff: Props Master, Publicity, and Set Build Crew
Julia has participated in many theater productions, including +5 productions of The Nutcracker, and has been a member of Greenhill Singers since freshmen year. While she enjoys being on stage, she also enjoys tech work just as much. Previously Julia was a part of the tech crew for Our Country's Good, and she is excited to be back and working on another production, this time with less sand! She is excited to be apart of one last production before she graduates and hopes that everybody has enjoyed it as much as she has!
ALEXANDRA PEPLINSKI  //  Utkarsh, Ensemble
This is Alexandra's second production at Greenhill. She has participated in theatre starting at a very young age. Her favorite productions have been Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and The Addams Family. She would like to thank everyone working on this production for still pushing through during these hard times.​
MICHELLE PHU  //  Delivery Backup Singer, Ensemble Soloist, Ensemble
This is Michelle's second Greenhill theatre production. In the fall play, she worked in the tech crew in lights. She is so excited to be in her first musical production at Greenhill. Michelle is proud of the cast members, crew members, and faculty for the dedication they have shown to perform this production.
SYDNEY PITTS  //  Man 1, Woman 3, Ensemble
Sydney is thrilled to be making her debut at the Greenhill School. Her favorite past shows in DFW theaters include Gypsy, Seussical, and Billy Elliott at the Firehouse Theatre, A Christmas Carol at the Dallas Theater Center, A Ghost Tale for Mr. Dickens and Miracle on 34th Street at Dallas Children’s Theater, and Fix Me, Jesus at Theatre Three. Sydney has enjoyed prior summers training at the Institute for American Musical Theatre and Broadway Artists Alliance in NYC. Sydney is a sophomore and practices dance with The Dallas Conservatory.
NAREN RAM  //  Technical Crew
This is Naren Ram's third and final show. He's worked on mics on Cry-Baby and on sound for Spaceship and Stardust. He's looking forward to passing on his technical knowledge to the newer crew members before he graduates this June.
MARINA RICHARD  //  Sharon Atkins, Ensemble
This is Marina's third production at Greenhill but first musical! She loved acting in Romeo & Juliet as an 8th grader and acting in as well as helping write Greenhill's fall play, Race, Fire, Children & Wives, earlier this school year. She is excited to be a part of a Greenhill musical even if it is under very different circumstances. She would like to thank everyone involved in the production for working tirelessly to make this show a possibility.
KAYLA RUTNER  //  Grace Clements, Delivery Backup Singer, Cleaning Women Backup Singer, Ensemble
Kayla Rutner is so excited to be a part of another Greenhill production! This will be her sixth show at Greenhill, and some of her favorites include Romeo & Juliet, Carrie: The Musical, and The Drowsy Chaperone. She would like to thank everyone involved in making this show possible, despite the struggles entertainment is facing during these difficult times.​ ​
GEORGIA SASSO  //  Charlie Blossom, Woman 2, Show Captain, Ensemble
Georgia has been involved with Greenhill theatre since before her Freshmen year, and she is extremely excited to be in Working: The Musical. Her favorite roles at Greenhill have been Hatchet Face in Cry-Baby and Kitty in The Drowsy Chaperone. She would like to thank Mr. Doyle for being her mentor in the arts and Mr. Orman for his support during her freshman, sophomore, and junior year. She can't wait for everyone to see the show and she hopes everyone enjoys it!
JAKE SEINFELD  //  Technical Crew
This is Jake's first time in tech. He is extremely excited to help wherever he is needed in the production. He would like to thank his family, especially his sister for pushing him to become involved with the tech side of the arts.
HALLIE STERNBLITZ  //  Terry Mason, Ensemble
Hallie is very excited to play the flight attendant in Working! This is her fourth Greenhill musical, as she performed in Carrie, The Drowsy Chaperone, and Annie in previous years. She has loved musical theater since a young age and also participates in Greenhill Singers. She would like to thank VHS, Mr. P, Dr. A, Ms. McCain, Ms. Burns, Mr. Turbyne, and the entire cast and crew, as well as her friends and family for all the support and hard work that went into the making of this amazing show!
Alison is a senior this year and is excited to be making a cameo in the musical. She has participated in Greenhill theatre since ninth grade and has performed in Cry-Baby, The Drowsy Chaperone, Romeo and Juliet, and Carrie: The Musical. She would like to extend her thanks to VHS and Mrs. McCain for letting her participate in the show.
RAKESH VENKAT  //  Technical Crew
This is Rakesh Venkat's first-year in Tech Theatre, and he is excited to be working on this year's musical. Rakesh had a sister go through the Greenhill Theatre program and was impressed with the set design and overall production of the plays/musicals. Rakesh wanted to try a new elective and looks to discover and learn all different aspects of theatre production. He hopes to be a positive contributor in this year's unique video graphed 'Working" musical and can't wait to collaborate with all his friends/peers and looks forward to the finished product.
OLIVIA WORCESTER  //  Rose Hoffman, Ensemble
Olivia Worcester has been involved in Greenhill Theatre for three years now, and she cherishes the time she's had to perform with her extremely talented and wonderful classmates. She'd like to thank her theater family, faculty members, and her parents for their faith in her performances, her capabilities and their endless support (and hugs its why theater kids get sick all the time). This will be Olivia's fourth and final production at Greenhill which she hopes to make the most of all COVID things considered. Her favorite show she was involved in was Carrie: The Musical.
ALLIE ZLOTKY  //  Amanda McKenny, Ensemble
Allie Zlotky is so excited to be part of the musical this year. She loved making new friends and getting to be part of something so special. Though she does not have a lot of theater experience, musical rehearsal is her favorite time of the day. She would like to thank everyone who has worked hard to put this production together even during these unpredictable times. She is looking forward to all the future memories she will make with such a great cast and crew.


Assistants to the Director: Molly Cleary & Sanjna Kalisetty
Due to the nature of this production, technical production students were tasked with collaborating together on every aspect of the production including creating the design for the publicity, coordinating with at home actors to help them film with vlogging kits, building scenery, selecting paint colors, hanging lights, working sound and microphones, filming with professional cameras, and editing. Their efforts are truly astounding and everything you see in our film is in part due to their outstanding efforts.
Naren Ram, Jacob Seinfeld, Julia O’Gorman, Rakesh Venkat, Ben Hark     
Numerous Greenhill Tech classes also had the opportunity to get some “real world” experience in this process. Both the Upper School Tech Theater Class and Theater Design classes were instrumental in helping to build and paint the set, as well as hang and circuit the lighting. Members of these classes include:
Jose Alvarado, Jack Bolden, Reed Elphingstone, Ryan Goldstein, Jake Nelson, Andy Simpson, Lucas Williams, Dilen Patel and Ellie Peterson
Director: Valerie Hauss-Smith 
Asst. Director: Henry Paolissi 
Lighting Design, Video Editor: Leann Burns 
Set Design & Technical Direction: Will Turbyne 
Videographer: Joe Ellis 
Costume Design: Hope Cox 
MPAC Manager: Leann Burns 
Head of Fine Arts: Terry Martin

Special Thanks

Thank you to the Greenhill Administration Team, the parents of our students, and indeed the entire community for their support! Also, a big GO TEAM to the devoted adult production team for their artistry and flexibility, and to the student cast and crew who have committed their times, trusts, and talents to this production. A very special thank you to the following for their guidance and support: Joe Ellis of Joseph Mark Photography, Terry Martin, Alice Butler & John Moseley, University of Dallas and Southern Methodist University theatre departments.

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