Acceptable Use Policy

Greenhill School provides students and employees with extensive technology resources, including computing facilities, local area networks, Internet access, and e-mail addresses. Our goal is to promote educational excellence by facilitating resource sharing, innovation and communication within our own community and the world.
As a member of the Greenhill School community, I agree to follow School rules and commit to the School's values. To maintain these values as related to technology, we must all agree to support the needs of the School community even if they may conflict with one’s personal desires.


  • Greenhill School owns all systems, software, and e-mail addresses. Content created with the School’s technology tools and saved on the School network is the property of the School.
  • Computer resources at Greenhill are a limited resource and are reserved for educational and school-related business.
  • If I leave the School community, I may take copies of anything I have created. However, this content can continue to be used by the School for educational purposes.


  • Content about Greenhill School anywhere on the World Wide Web should observe all aspects of the School's Acceptable Use Policy.
  • Official School files or documents are not to be posted on non-Greenhill sites.
  • Individuals who post content on World Wide Web sites away from Greenhill School should not present content as if it represents any official views of Greenhill School.
  • The official Greenhill School website represents the School. No representation of Greenhill should be made on any other website.


  • I continuously represent Greenhill School whenever and wherever I use school computing resources, even if I am using these resources away from or outside of the School's network.
  • I may be held responsible for any on-line behavior or content that connects me to the School or implicates the School in that behavior.
  • If I knowingly enable others to violate these rules, I may lose my School network, e-mail, or World Wide Web access.
  • Greenhill School has software and systems in place that monitors and records all activities and traffic on the School computing resources. I should expect only limited privacy in the contents of my personal files on the School network.
  • Tampering with Greenhill School technology tools or another person's work is unacceptable, and I could lose all rights to use computers at the School, including my user account and network access.
  • Violations of the Greenhill School policy and AUP are subject to disciplinary action ranging from loss of computing privileges up to and including suspension and/or expulsion.
  • Greenhill School makes no guarantee that the services provided will be error-free or without defect. The School will not be responsible for any damage suffered including, but not limited to, loss of data or disruption of service.


  • I will log on to the network only as myself.
  • I am responsible for my individual account and will take all reasonable precautions to prevent others from being able to use my account.
  • I will immediately notify a faculty or staff member if I have identified a possible security problem.
  • I will not intentionally introduce a virus or other harmful code anywhere on the Greenhill School network, and I will make an effort to keep my home computer free from viruses and other destructive materials. If my files are accidentally infected, I will seek help from a member of the technology staff.
  • I know that any electronic devices brought on this campus are subject to search without notice or warning.
  • I will refrain from using any device or software that masks my use of the school resources. This includes but is not limited to anonymizers and any application or hardware device that circumvents network security, logging, or tracking procedures.


  • I will not copy or transfer any copyrighted software to or from computers on the Greenhill School network without the permission of the technology staff in my building. This includes but is not limited to web browsers, MP3 players, and games.
  • I will not plagiarize words or phrases that I find in books, on the Internet, on CD-ROMs, or on other online resources.
  • I will respect the rights of copyright owners, including those who have created music, images, video, software, etc.
  • I should have no expectation of privacy when I use on-line resources since materials are owned by the site and can be redistributed without an author’s permission. I should check each site’s privacy and security policies carefully before posting or adding content I may not wished viewed by others presently or in the future.
  • I will not repost a message sent to me privately without the permission of the person who sent the message.
  • I will not post private or false information about another person.


  • I will help to create a positive atmosphere by allowing those engaged in academic work priority use of the computers.
  • I will respect the work and privacy of others throughout the Greenhill School network.
  • I will use my applications, e-mail accounts, and Greenhill School network space appropriately for school-related activities.
  • I will not save or install files and/or software on School equipment without the authorization of a teacher or the network administrators.
  • I will not use Greenhill School technology resources for commercial activity, for seeking monetary gain, or for political purposes.


  • I will not use obscene, profane, lewd, vulgar, rude, inflammatory, threatening, or disrespectful language on any and all uses of computers at Greenhill, whether in public or private messages.
  • I will not post information that could cause danger or disruption or engage in personal attacks, including prejudicial or discriminatory attacks.

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