Technology Policies

Greenhill School offers students the opportunity to utilize technology in many ways. Summer on the Hill (SOTH) offers multiple platforms for creating and capturing student thinking.
Students are learning how to create a healthy, balanced life. At SOTH we use technology tools to support the growth and expansion of what is possible in a classroom. As students mature, we want them to understand what it means to be a good digital citizen and how to balance their digital lives.
We strongly encourage students to leave all devices at home unless the student is taking a computer or programming class. If devices are brought to camp/summer classes, they must always be kept in backpacks. During the academic year, as well as the summer, faculty and coaches will discuss with students responsible use of technology in the Lower and Middle Schools, and ask students to sign the responsible use agreement which includes the following:
  • It is my responsibility to leave all smart devices in my backpack during the day unless I have teacher's permission to use a device.
  • It is my responsibility to use school devices for camp related activities only.
  • It is my responsibility to keep my personal information private. I will never share my personal information, logins or passwords, even with my best friend.
  • It is my responsibility to ask first and receive permission before taking pictures, videos or recordings of other students or teachers.
  • It is my responsibility to use the internet for camp related tasks only (homework, research, school projects).
  • It is my responsibility to use safe search terms and only access websites that are school approved.
  • It is my responsibility to tell a teacher if I, or someone else, access(es) inappropriate content, so that I can help the Greenhill community remain safe. This includes bad words, pictures, videos or music.
  • It is my responsibility to take care of all school devices and I will report damage or misuse to a teacher.
In some cases, students will use personal or Greenhill iPads for projects and/or classes. Students may use devices to support, programming and computer classes, typing, math and reading skills, research, creative projects, photography, and capturing their ideas throughout the summer camp/class.
School owned iPads will remain at school in carts when not being used. These devices are strictly monitored and meant for student use, therefore they have only the necessary programs installed for classroom success.
Cyberbullying, like any other type of bullying, will not be tolerated in our learning community. Cyberbullying is a violation of school policy and is subject to school disciplinary action.
It can be tempting, in the heat of the moment, to write, post, or send something online without fully thinking through consequences. We encourage students to ask a trusted friend or adult to proofread what they write before they send it or post it. This is a good rule to follow regardless of the content and especially if they are emotionally charged when they write it. We challenge students to demonstrate strong character online just as they would in person. We remind them to apply Greenhill's core principles of honor, respect, and compassion whenever they are interacting online. Practice kindness. Make an effort to support and uplift others. Demonstrate good digital citizenship.
Lower and Middle School students are not allowed to play computer games on any device, whether online or installed on a device without permission from a teacher on school grounds during camps and classes. Games can be distracting to students and those around them, interfering with learning. They also inhibit personal interactions and friendships. At home, it is up to students and parents to determine rules and guidelines about online games. Since student devices are intended for educational use only while at school, many games will be blocked by the Greenhill network.
Greenhill School is a phone-free learning environment for students through grade 8. We strongly encourage students to leave phones and/or smart watches at home as there is no need for them on campus unless specifically directed by a teacher. In the case a student needs to contact parents, phones are available throughout the campus.
In the case a student brings a smart device to campus, it is always required for the device to be kept in the student’s backpack, including lunch. Should faculty or staff identify that a student is using devices during camp/summer classes, it will be collected and stored in the Summer on the Hill office where it can be collected by a parent. If your cell phone is with you, you are NOT ALLOWED to use your cell phone while on campus. This includes:
  • In the bathroom/locker room
  • During class and recess
  • During lunch
  • During carpool
  • For calling/texting/emailing parents or others. If a student needs to call a parent, please advise them to ask the teacher for permission or ask the instructor/summer staff to make the call.
The School expects parents to partner with the School to help students follow these rules. Please keep a child's cell phone and/or smart watch at home during the school day. If a parent needs to get a message to a child, please contact Mel Curtis in the Lower School office at 972-628-5414 or the Summer on the Hill office at 972-628-5490.
Smart watches, powered by Android or Apple, function as extensions of cell phones and therefore are NOT ALLOWED on campus. Permissible wearable technology, Fitbits or standard digital watches, must meet ALL the following requirements:
  • It is not distracting to the students or those around the student. Students do not use it to access the web or other data networks.
  • E-readers (Kindles, Nooks, etc.) are allowed on campus if they are approved by the child’s teacher and/or the EdTech teachers. Students should not use e-readers to play games or access data or Wi-Fi networks while on campus unless they are doing so for expressly approved educational purposes.
Greenhill reserves the right to hold a student’s cell phone or any other personal device brought to school or on a school trip or activity during the duration of the school trip/activity, and/or view the contents of a student’s phone or device.
Students must have express permission from a person or group of people before they take photos or other recordings of her/him/them. This includes teachers and close friends. If a student asks another student to delete a photo or recording that was taken of him or her, the student must do so unless otherwise advised by a teacher or administrator. Students may not post, share, or distribute photos or recordings of other students taken by someone else without express permission from the person who took the photo/recording and the people featured in the photo/recording.

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