Greenhill Students Excel at Area C Latin Competition

This past weekend, several Greenhill Upper and Middle School students excelled at the Texas State Junior Classic hosted by Hebron High School in Carrollton. Below are the results from this past weekend's competition.
Student Grade Contest Level Place
Annie Diamond 7th Roman History 1/2A 2nd
Latin Derivatives 1/2A 2nd
Krishna Shetty 7th Roman History 1/2A 3rd
Roman Life 1/2A 6th
Julianna Arata 7th Sight Recitation 1/2A 3rd
Vocabulary 1/2A 3rd
Jason Davis 7th Dramatic Interpretation - Boys 1/2A 2nd
Reading Comprehension 1/2A T-2nd
Priya Agrawal 7th Dramatic Interpretation - Girls 1/2A 4th
Grammar 1/2A 2nd
Hayes Barton 7th Grammar 1/2A 1st
Phrases, Mottoes & Abbreviations 1/2A 2nd
Paul Richie 7th Vocabulary 1/2A 2nd
Reading Comprehension 1/2A T-2nd
Nikhil Rao 7th Latin Derivatives 1/2A/td> 1st
Phrases, Mottoes & Abbreviations 1/2A 1st
Kas Tebbetts 8th Latin Derivatives 1/2B 1st
Original Oratory 1/2B 2nd
Megan Marshall 8th Vocabulary 1/2B 1st
Dramatic Interpretation - Girls 1/2B 1st
Mosaics 1/2B 1st
Jordan Malveaux 8th Reading Comprehension 1/2B 2nd
Mythology 1/2B 4th
Mosaics 1/2B 6th
Orion Marty 8th Models 1/2B 1st
Reading Comprehension 1/2B 3rd
Roman Life 1/2B 5th
Sahil Mittal 8th Sight Recitation 1/2B 1st
Greek Derivatives 1/2B 3rd
Models 1/2B 10th
Matthew Barber 8th Greek History 1/2B 1st
Mythology 1/2B 8th
Justin Estrada 8th Mythology 1/2B 1st
Roman Life 1/2B 3rd
Mosaics 1/2B 3rd
Lexi Padden 8th Roman Life 1/2B 4th
Vocabulary 1/2B 2nd
Dallas Dillon 8th Greek Derivatives 1/2B 4th
Latin Derivatives 1/2B 4th
Ali Babool 8th Mythology 1 6th
Geography 1 15th
Mansi Gaur 9th Greek Life & Literature 1 4th
Oil/Acrylic 1 4th
Mythology 1 7th
Michael Meng 10th Latin Literature 1 2nd
Caila Pickett 9th Roman History 1 9th
Vocabulary 1 10th
Ashley Lee 9th Greek Derivatives 2 1st
Mythology 2 1st
Savenna Mandadi 9th Vocabulary 2 11th
Remya Menon 9th Sight Recitation 2 2nd
Latin Derivatives 2 5th
Madison Pidgeon 9th Sight Recitation 2 6th
Vocabulary 2 10th
Tamara Prabhakar 9th Latin Oratory 2 2nd
Mottoes 2 3rd
Matt Chellaraj 12th Vocabulary 3 20th
Remy Fine 11th Comp. Enhanc. Photo. 3 5th
Peter Grishin 9th Advanced Grammar 3 1st
Latin Literature 3 1st
Sophia Haid 10th Dramatic Interpretation - Girls 3 2nd
Latin Derivatives 3 9th
Joel Hashop 10th Mythology 3 1st
Comp. En. Photo 3 1st
Latin Literature 3 3rd
Joseph Middleman 10th Roman History 3 16th
Daniel Oved 11th Reading Comp. - Adv. Prose 3 11th
Brandon Ryan 10th Roman Life 3 6th
Geography 3 10th
Rebecca Sostek 10th Greek History 3 6th
Mottoes 3 9th
Vicky Zhou 1st Greek Derivatives 3 1st
Mottoes 3 1st
Watercolor 3 3rd
Sneha Chebrolu 11th Comp. En. Photo 4 2nd
Trad. Photography 4 9th
Sam Levinger 11th Roman Life 4 7th
Hannah Neustadt 11th Mottoes 4 4th
Reading Comp. - Adv. Prose 4 6th
Girl's Costume 4 7th
Meg Ranganathan 11th Mythology 4 5th
Latin Derivatives 4 16th
Mick Reily 11th Vocabulary 4 11th
Advanced Grammar 4 13th
Lily Renfro 1st Latin Literature 4 1st
Greek Derivatives 4 2nd
Jeremy Arata 12th Vocal Solo 5 1st
Mythology 5 4th
Latin Derivatives 5 4th
Michael Partlo 12th Mythology 5 1st
Vocabulary 4 5th
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